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Our partners enjoy a wide range of MelonHeads Protocol Services and Products.

Partners & Investors

Thanks to our partners who made it happen

Lite Weight Wallet

The MHSP wallet runs on most operating systems with minimal requirements, while providing Passive Income features

Transparent Ledger System

Know where your funds are when you need them. Our real time block explorer helps you track your MHSP investment accounts.

Global Online Community

Our MHSP community is growing and has exceeded 110+ countrys, making it a global payment option for entry level investors.

Fully Scalable Network

Our MHSP Network is designed to provide our community security through the amount of members that are on the network. As the network grows, so does the security of the MHSP project.

Incentivised Rewards

MHSP users can often find incentive rewards for completing task and bounty’s. These help the MHSP project grown and attract new members. You can find our rewards bounty’s in our official discord server.

Own Your Coins

When using exchanges or other platforms you do not own your coins that you have sent. With MHSP wallets you are in control of your investment. You can recover your keys and store them offline for more secure future.

Faster Speed
Of Transaction

Your Cryptro Wallet is a gateway to MHSP blockchain. It allows you to hold and secure your MHSP Investment without worry over hackers or scams.

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