Coming to the cryptocurrency scene a bit late, and after years of college, I found myself face to face with a world brand new to me. Following a rabbit hole of cryptocurrency “faucets” I eventually found myself among a group of people on a chat client on a website. These people pointed me to a chat server client with many servers and I sat and watched and learned what was going on around me. Eventually things started to make sense. After gaining a grasp on the functionality of the virtual economies, I found myself wanting to combine my real life work with a digital value. I am told I have great networking skills as a people person and tend to make connections quickly and with ease. I hope to keep this true as I go forward in this journey in this digital realm.


2017- Present
Maintained and furthered various cryptocurrency projects as needed along with the home project of MHSP
Maintained Representative Positions in various local and nationwide companies assisting in all manners of activity
C++ courses attended along with general studies and an internship with Nirvana Systems Incorporated a well known stock trading software company


Community Management80%
Social Networking85%

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