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Welcome to Liquid Gems! We are built off the MelonHeads Protocol.

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In a time and age of a rise of a new type of currency, cryptocurrency, we find ourselves faced with the option to go two ways. Towards a path backed only by common use, or a towards a path backed by actual value. To do this, we decided to use one of the few objects to not lose total value. Gemstones.

Gemstones have been sought after for generation after generation. Most gemstones are sought after for their color. Quite a few gemstones are used in manufacturing today’s goods. Some are thought to have properties affecting the human body’s energy system.

Gemstones have lined the crowns of kings, queens, emperors, and priests. Gemstones have also been used as gifts and a means of payment throughout time. MelonHeads Protocol aims to be that next gemstone. With the ability to network with people worldwide, we can employ the unemployed with education of geology. We want to aim for a less destructive manner of mining gemstones while taking the economical power away from just the large mining companies. These companies will tear away at the earth and destroy it while creating inflated prices just to stay wealthier than 99% of the population. It is time to change that.

We want to offer a way for the common human to earn a decent living for themselves. We will offer trade for gemstones in return for the MHSP currency, while putting the MHSP back into circulation at a higher price each round of sales, effectively creating a semi-stable rise in price. What this means is that “dumpers”, or people who sell the coins at a lower price will not affect the price as much as a coin having no physical backing of value. With the amount of gemstones sold daily around the world, it is only a matter of time before people are trading for gemstones using MHSP because of the price difference.

To start off we will offer the service on our website and after creating demand and traffic, we will open up the service to be used by other gem miners to sell to “miners” and traders. During this time, we will list on a major exchange, update our website even further, develop an android app, and start our marketing campaign.

We envision shaping this project with more and more community involvement, so we are inviting those interested to join

How does premine work?

The premine of 15 Million coins is strictly for the purposes of a chain swap and for use furthering the development of MHSP, associated websites, social media outlets, and any other costs pertaining to the upkeep and maintenance of these systems. All movement of the premine will be directly displayed in the official MHSP Discord server. There are no per-determined percentages of distribution. There is also no pre-sale of any coins.

MHSP aims to deliver you one of the first coins of its nature. We strive for complete transparency and anonymity. Let us give you something worth some value, be it a coin or a gem.

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